An Alternative Way to Invest In Turkey: Restaurant Investment

Food and beverage industry which is sub-branch of the service sector in Turkey is attracting the attention of foreign investors. It is continuously growing especially in the Turquoise Coast, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Turkey is an attractive country for restaurant investors with its rich culinary culture, regularly growing young population and touristic attractions. Istanbul is the Capital of the Food […]

Why Foreigners Choose to Live in Turkey

Turkey, also known as the “Republic of Turkey“, is a loved place for foreigners with its long shores on the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. The country which has diverse geological and climatic qualities has various natural beauties. Additionally, it is one of the largest countries regarding the travel industry in Europe. Turkey is a perfect retirement places with reasonable living […]

Reasons Why Turkey Attracts the Attention of Foreign Investors

Turkey is the meeting point of East and West, and interconnects two separate continents, Asia and Europe. Turkey has been gaining the attention of foreign investors recently and there are good reasons for that, and we tried to explain some of them in this text! A Country That Experiences Four Seasons Numerous national and international tourists prefer Turkey to experience […]

Need to Know About Setting Up Business in Turkey

Turkey’s Foreign Direct Investment Law is based totally on the principle of equal treatment makes it viable to have identical rights and obligations as nearby buyers and worldwide buyers. Company status quo and percentage transfer conditions are the same as the ones applied to neighborhood investors. Accordingly, global traders can establish all types of groups specified inside the Turkish Commercial […]

Why to Invest in Turkey?

Turkish real estate sector, priorities and expectations of foreigners who want to invest in Turkey has observed well. The Turkish real estate sector has taught highly successful, technological, quality and modern projects of international quality in recent years.Today, in Turkey, to make land and housing investment is now a center of attraction for people and companies.