What is the Rent Multiplier for People Which is Invest in Turkey?

You can look at what is the rent multiplier to understand how advantageous a house is for investment. The rent multiplier is the calculation of how long the amortization period is in terms of the rental income of a house. The rent multiplier is calculated by dividing the house price by the monthly rental income. It tells you how long […]

Where to Make the Best Investment in the City Center?

Investment projects, which earn money by making premiums, generally occur outside the city and in newly developing regions. Therefore, an investment can’t be made in the city center and misperception may occur. In the city center, there are quick sale opportunity apartments that are important for real estate investment. If you can buy a house under the real estate appraisal […]

Why to Invest in Turkey?

Turkish real estate sector, priorities and expectations of foreigners who want to invest in Turkey has observed well. The Turkish real estate sector has taught highly successful, technological, quality and modern projects of international quality in recent years.Today, in Turkey, to make land and housing investment is now a center of attraction for people and companies.