If You Are Looking to Buy a Luxury Property, What Kind of Agent Do You Look For?

Turkey is an amazing country where you can find fine investment opportunities. One of them is a luxurious real estate investment. However, there are some cons and pros to finding the right agent. In this article about Turkey luxury homes, we are going to cover that. Specific Qualities To Look Out For Common acceptance is that an agent you are working with […]

Are Turkey Property Developers Overcharging Foreigners for New Projects?

There‚Äôs no right or answer to this question. A foreign investor is always welcomed and appreciated by the owners of Turkey properties. However, there are some cons and pros you should be careful about. Self Precautions You Can Take The first thing you can do in order to check whether the owner of any kind of Turkey properties is overcharging you or not […]

How to Buy Investment Property in Turkey?

Turkey is a democratic, respected, and trusted country where investors and human rights are protected with laws. Human rights and commercial ethics are always valued by both laws and as a tradition. Having a massive population of over 80 million, with millions of tourists and immigrants, Turkey is a haven for foreign investors. The government also welcomes and promises many […]