Tips for Foreigners Who Will Live in Turkey

Turkey offers many blessings to foreigners from all over the world who are wishing to settle
there. With the currency rate, easy processes for work and residence permit acquirement, low
living costs and high living standards, developed infrastructure, and citizenship by investment
program, Turkey is a great country to live in.
Research Living and Housing Costs
For those who are earning in dollars, living in Turkey is quite cheap. Except for specific
neighbourhoods, the living and housing costs are significantly cheaper compared to other
countries. Particularly in housing, there are many great options with low costs.
Obtain Work and Residence Permit
After the 90-day visa period expires, foreigners who wish to live in Turkey should obtain
residence or work permit. These processes are pretty easy and can be done in a short time.
Find a reliable guidance firm to help you throughout the whole process.
Benefit From Currency Rate
For people from European countries or America, Turkish Lira’s currency rate stands as and
advantage. In recent years, house sales made to foreigners increased by 78% because the
currency rate fell. Mostly Middle Easters and Europeans buy properties in Turkey. The
currency rate also lures businessmen from nearby countries as citizenship by business

investment is also available. If you have established a business with a minimum of 50 Turkish
employees or invested at least $500,000, you can surely apply for citizenship.
Choose From Great Regions
There are many options for foreigners. Whether it is on the Aegean costs or in a
Mediterranean city, you can find yourself a suitable neighbourhood with great houses in it.
Many businessmen choose to establish their work in Istanbul but they buy summer houses in
regions like Antalya, Bodrum, Didrim and so on.
Learn Some Turkish Words
Learning a few words might be a good advantage for you. Studying in advance will putyou in
a great position before you move to Turkey. You can improve your language skills after you
settle here.

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