About Land Investment

The way to invest and utilize savings is knowing both the sector and money markets related to it.

You can earn great benefits by investing in the right place in the right time.


To invest in land, it is necessary to make a detailed research and evaluation. One of the best investment tools is definitely buying a land.

There things to consider for a land to be a profitable investment, first of them being “term.” Long-term land investment always earns. But what matters is utilizing it in the short-term.

You can achieve it by following developing regions closely and gaining information about zoning status.

If you complain about housing, commercial space, store, building, villa or summer houses being too expensive, land might be a good choice for you.

But investing in land isn’t like buying a house because you can tour the house and evaluate the factors regarding the structure and environment, or make research in the general directorate of land registry and cadastre about the zoning. But you need deeper research for lands.

Because in housing, even if there is no value gain, there is always a rental income while land brings you nothing but tax burden.

That’s why you should find out if the land has zoning permission.

If there is, you should inspect for which type of building, whether commercial or social etc. This will determine whether the sale will be short-term or long-term.

You should always conduct ground study. Lands with robust grounds will worth more. Also, you should research if there is any hypothec, sequestration, or ownership problem regarding the land.




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