What Foreigners Need to Know Before Buying a House in Turkey

1) Identify your objective

Are you going to live in the house you buy or lease it? Will it stay as an investment? You should identify clear objectives, and of course decide on the region you are going to live. Some properties make good investments while not being a great rental house. If you don’t know the country well, you might get lost on the way to a new home. That’s why you should decide on each and every objective before you buy a property.

2) Don’t decide on the house too quickly

You might fall in love with the house whose pictures you see online, but might get disappointed when your expectations fall flat. Always visit the houses before you buy and keep your options open. Evaluate on each and every one of them, and doing this with a real estate agency might come in handy.

3) Does it look too good? Most likely it isn’t

Even in Turkey’s real estate market which is brimming with cheap and high-quality housing options, there might be numerous scams. They may be lacking the legal paperwork, for instance zoning permissions, making the title deed acquirement impossible. When owners build illegal property, they target foreigners who have so little information about the law. Find a good agency to guide you through the way.

4) Not every real estate agency is a good one

The real estate market in Turkey is booming, that’s why there is a new agency emerging every day. Some of them last for a summer long, some of them are around for a couple of years, but only the qualified ones are successful in the long term. Find yourself a renowned and reliable agency that know the who and the how and can find you the beast deals.

5) You can bargain

It is a very common, almost a traditional thing to haggle in Turkey. The reliable agency you’ll find will do the haggle for you, and most likely achieve better results than you since they know the developers.

6) Choose a 250,000-dollar house to obtain citizenship

Turkish government is encouraging foreign buyers with many incentives and regulations. Benefit from this program and choose among the diverse listings of luxury Turkey homes and get yourself a Turkish passport.


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