Where to Make the Best Investment in the City Center?

Investment projects, which earn money by making premiums, generally occur outside the city and in newly developing regions. Therefore, an investment can’t be made in the city center and misperception may occur. In the city center, there are quick sale opportunity apartments that are important for real estate investment. If you can buy a house under the real estate appraisal report, you will make one of the most profitable investments.

Attraction Centers of Investment in Istanbul

As of 2018, there is an excess supply in central and urban transformation areas such as Kadıkoy, Uskudar, Maltepe, Besiktas, Sisli, Sarıyer, in Istanbul. Therefore, the prices of square meters in projects for sale have decreased and approached construction costs. Considering that supply and demand will be balanced sooner or later, the increase in foreign exchange and inflation will be reflected in house prices, and these prices will increase in the future and real estate will make a premium.

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