Tips to Add Value To Your Home With a Garden

A well-maintained garden may add 20% value to your house, research says. With the pandemic, garden ideas search is at its all-time high, showing a great interest in outdoor living. Even the most humble gardens count, turning a house into a more valuable one. But we’ve got to say that a south-facing garden is even more valuable. But even if […]

Tips for Foreigners Who Will Live in Turkey

Turkey offers many blessings to foreigners from all over the world who are wishing to settle there. With the currency rate, easy processes for work and residence permit acquirement, low living costs and high living standards, developed infrastructure, and citizenship by investment program, Turkey is a great country to live in. Research Living and Housing Costs For those who are […]

Tips Before Investing in a Property

Property investment is still considered as the safest and most profitable long-term investment type. Some people might seek to rent a property right after they buy it and some wish to settle in it. Regardless, being aware of things to do and things to avoid is crucial. Here are some of the golden rules before you invest in a property. […]

About Land Investment

The way to invest and utilize savings is knowing both the sector and money markets related to it. You can earn great benefits by investing in the right place in the right time. To invest in land, it is necessary to make a detailed research and evaluation. One of the best investment tools is definitely buying a land. There things […]

What Foreigners Need to Know Before Buying a House in Turkey

1) Identify your objective Are you going to live in the house you buy or lease it? Will it stay as an investment? You should identify clear objectives, and of course decide on the region you are going to live. Some properties make good investments while not being a great rental house. If you don’t know the country well, you […]